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Schwan's Cares uses online shopping to eliminate the hassle of money handling and product distribution. Supporters choose from over 350 high quality, delicious food options - they can shop online or purchase an eGift Card.
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Online Generated Fundraiser:
Create – Invite – Fundraise

There are two different campaign time periods: the ‘Active Period’ and ‘Annuity Period’. During the ‘Active Period’ your group will earn 20% on Schwan’s product sales and 40% on eGift Card purchases. Once the ‘Active Period’ has ended, your campaign will enter into the ‘Annuity Period’ and you will continue to receive 5% back on Schwan’s product sales for the next 90 days.

Manage Campaign

Once your campaign is approved, begin managing your campaign towards reaching your fundraising goals! Invite fundraising participants to join your campaign to help share your message! You can create teams for your fundraisers to join to help promote friendly competition within your group. Motivate your fundraisers to reach fundraising goals by creating incentives. In addition, you can share your campaign page with friends, family or any other potential supporters to help maximize your fundraising efforts.

Order and Delivery

Order online on your Schwan’s Cares campaign page, or by phone via toll free number 1-855-870-7208 (Option 2). Existing Schwan’s customers on a designated delivery route must also order either online or over the phone to contribute to a fundraiser. Products are delivered directly to the home of each supporter during the time specified at checkout. You may change payment at the door to a preferred method of payment (Check, Cash, EBT, or Credit and Debit Card are accepted). If you are not home during the time of delivery, we will leave your items in a protected freezer bag at no cost to you.
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Beneficiary Payout

Your organization will receive one check after your 'Active Period', which is processed 20 days after the last day of your 'Active Period' (30-45 days). Your beneficiary will then receive a check each quarter during your 'Annuity Period'. All payout checks are sent to the beneficiary address you provide during campaign creation.

Ready to Get Started?

Create your campaign online right now! All campaign submissions are due 14 days before your start date. We will respond within 2 business days. Download the How to Create a Campaign Guide to learn how to create your fundraising campaign in 6 easy steps!

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