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By placing an order through Schwans.com a portion of the sales will come back in support of our campaign! The 2017 orphan foals will be born soon and coming our way! We are expecting at least 6, but as many as 10 this year depending on successful foaling. Four orphans go through roughly 20lbs of milk replacer per day at a rate of approximately $50.00/day not including hay, pellets, and eventually grain. They are around 2 weeks old when they arrive here and must have the milk replacer and/or pellets until they are at least 3 months of age. This is a costly venture that we undertake each spring, but the rewards of watching the orphans grow and flourish and become the best horses one can imagine, is worth every cent. We are asking that you, through your regular shopping with Schwan's, select this campaign when you order. It is of no additional cost to you and will help us help as many of these orphans as we can. Thank you for selecting Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab, Inc. - 2017 Orphan Foals as your charity. You can like and follow us on Facebook or watch our website at www.ponytaleswi.org for photos and video when the little ones arrive and updates on their progress!


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