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By placing an order through a portion of the sales will come back in support of our campaign! Port Huron Boy Asking for Your Help to Get a Service Dog

Seizures are difficult to deal with at any age and any quantity or frequency. A local 7-year-old boy has been approved for a Service Dog specifically to help him with his seizures as well as other related factors. Please consider helping his family raise the funds needed to get the dog.

This is an URGENT safety need for this child. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 3. His seizures have become very dangerous by causing him to walk directly across a 4-lane busy street as well as experiencing some life-threatening, prolonged seizures; status elepticus. A dog will serve as a tool to alert family and caretakers if he should require assistance. The dog can carry the child’s emergency medication in his Service Dog vest so it is on hand at all times. “Deep pressure therapy” can be performed by the dog to help the child orient after a seizure or calm him from related anxiety. The dog will be trained to break the child’s fall during a seizure and to protect him throughout the seizure. The boy’s quality of life will be increased by the dog taking the role of accompanying the child to places such as the restroom – greatly increasing his sense of independence and privacy.

The dog will be able to attend school with the child – helping ease the anxieties of him as well as those that love and care for him. Personnel at his elementary school are very supportive of the addition of the service dog for this child and the family is committed to the success of the child/dog bond.

Due to the highly specialized, extensive training of the service dog, there is a great deal of money required to receive it. The dog is being trained at a reputable, licensed, non-profit agency located in California. The organization has been training and providing service dogs to individuals for over 10 years. After a $500 deposit is paid, fundraising will begin to cover the $24,000 due to Little Angels for the dog and its training. In addition, the family is hoping to raise enough to help with lodging, airfare and expenses (two adults and the child are required to train alongside the dog at the ranch in California for two weeks). Continual expenses for the dog will be approximately $1500 per year (required health insurance for the dog, trainer recertification, high-quality dog food). The child’s mother is in graduate school for two more years so any amount raised above the initial cost would be put to great use to help with yearly maintenance of the dog.

The agency provides distance training for the lifetime of the dog. If any training or adjustment issues were to arise, the agency is readily available to help the child, family and school work out a way to ensure the success of the child and service dog.

Family and friends will be holding as many fundraising events as needed to raise the amount of money required. This Schwan’s campaign is being set up as one option. Health insurance does not help with the cost of service dogs, local agencies have been contacted but have stated they cannot help and many fundraising events will be set up in the near future. Any money raised through this fundraiser, participation in events, or donations of items for raffles will be immensely appreciated by everyone involved.

This child and his family give to our community through volunteer efforts such as community clean-ups and donations to animal shelters. Please rally around them to show our community cares about the success of this little boy and supports him getting a new best friend, a Service Dog!


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