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Summit United Methodist Church is sending a team to Harmon, Jamaica. The team will be participating in house construction and repair.
This cost for this is $1550 per person to attend. Trips are Sunday to Sunday and the $1550.00 per person covers airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation and the purchase of construction supplies and wages for 40-50 Jamaican workers during the week.
Jamaicans and Americans work together to build a 12 x 15 hurricane resistant concrete house in 5 days.
Home recipients go through an application and vetting process before becoming eligible to receive a home. The new home owners participate in gathering some of the material needed to begin the foundation as well as help throughout the construction process. At any one time there are approximately 200 qualified families on a waiting list.
Nearly 50 homes are constructed each year. There are also opportunities to repair decayed roofs and walls as well as construct house additions and outdoor toilets.

More importantly we ask that you pray for this mission.

Won on One to Jamaica also provides a church and community pastor and spiritual adviser providing a safe place for the community to explore the claims of Christ and the freedom to find their place in His story. They also provide a medical clinic and a Infirmary for those with physical and mental disabilities who have no one else to provide care for them.
The Harmons Valley has an approximate unemployment rate of 75%. Although Won on One hires around 50 a week, those positions are only filled when a mission team is in the community.
A Thrift Store is available and store merchandise is provided by mission team members who bring donated items with them. The store employs Jamaicans.
A Greenhouse is filled with thousands of vegetable plants and produces hundreds of pounds of vegetables each week, which is sold to local brokers. This provides work for several families.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Yvonne Atkinson-Mishrell
Summit United Methodist


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