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By placing an order through Schwans.com a portion of the sales will come back in support of our campaign! Buy a $25 Schwan's eGift Card Gives $10 to the charity, and ordering online through Schwans.com will provide 20%. This fundraiser is good for all the lower 48 states. The donations will go towards Payments of our mill in Southern Turkey near the Syrian border. I have just accommodated a plane ticket to travel back to our mill as it is in the legal process of transition and needs my personal attention.

We currently have invested 16,000 Turkish Lira for the mill of a total of 40,000 Lira to fully own the mill, but with our commitment to the Turkish owner legal paperwork with lawyers and a sales contract is in it's finalizing stage....Though with any donation we receive will help us cover these hidden fee's and or payments for the mill and the employee's until the mill is in a stage of operation on its own.

As a non-profit I believe once this project is fully functioning it will continue its own cycle with any profits going back into the "Capital" of the business/mill and as employee's wages, equipment upkeep, and Wheat to be ground into bread. Once everything is in place the profits will keep this mill running and the workers working. I need you're help and those loyal to Schwans to help me full-fill this mission, and with your help it is possible. Very possible.

I have also made arrangements for our worse case scenarios such as if there may be a lack of donor involvement to have NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) inside Turkey to help with our funding....but this is worse case scenario. Our vital and most main goal is to have Syrian refugee's back to work with some dignity in their lives as I have traveled to the Syrian border twice and have witnessed and heard the everyday tragedies of Syrians under harsh conditions.

I hoped to expand my charity work from just giving the occasional one time handout of clothing or food, but to give them an opportunity to help those in most need and families they must help feed. The mill can hold approximately 16 workers, and currently we have 4 Syrians working 8 Hr shifts daily. These Syrians come from the camps on the Turkish side of Syria, but are stuck inside these camps with a feeling of hopelessness without having a job to provide directly to their families.

With you're help anything is possible, and without you're help my work for those Syrians in need are not much besides wind blowing in the air. Thanks to those that donate, and help keep this personal mission of mine to provide aid to Syrian refugees.


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