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Sarah Kane

Please join our fundraising team for PV Xcel Tournament Fees to help us meet our $500 goal. Every purchase from Schwan's earns our group up to 40% cash back!

- Sarah Kane

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Schwan's Cares is a delicious way to raise money for our group. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Sign Up

Join our fundraising team and get your own team member page to track cash back.


Step 2. Shop and enjoy home delivery

Order delicious foods from Schwan's Home Service, Inc. online or by phone. They'll be delivered at a convenient time specified at checkout and you'll earn up to 40% cash back on every order.


Step 3. Share

Share your team member page with friends and family and with every order they make you will additionally earn up to 40% cash back from Schwan’s Home Service, Inc.


Sign up, shop, and share now to help us reach our goal!

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