Build the National Desert Storm War Memorial

Washington, DC Campaign 28181

90 more days @ 5%

Published: Sep 19 2016 · 0 Comments
The [20% of all Sales] Campaign has ended but Schwan's generous fundraising program will allow us to profit for 90 more days @ 5%! From today through December 16, 2016 - every time you place an order through Schwans, you will still be helping to build the National Desert Storm War Memorial! Thank you again for your continued support! 

2 Hours left

Published: Sep 18 2016 · 0 Comments
There are only 2 hours remaining for the Desert Storm War Memorial to profit 20% from all sales through our Schwan's Fundraiser Link! If you were thinking of placing an order (or another order), NOW is the time! Thank you again for your tremendous support! 

Onward to $800.00 !

Published: Sep 03 2016 · 0 Comments
$700 came and went! We are moving forward to $800.00! 15 days left to reach our goal of $5000.00! Thank you for being involved in building the National Desert Storm War Memorial! 

$600.00 and BEYOND!

Published: Aug 28 2016 · 0 Comments
We have exceeded the $600.00 mark!  Thank you for this incredible support!  Someday soon, we will be gathered in Washington DC to celebrate the FINISHED Desert Storm War Memorial....and you will remember that your Schwans purchase helped to BUILD IT!  Thank you! 

We have raised $334.00!!!

Published: Aug 13 2016 · 0 Comments
Over 5000 people have viewed our fundraiser!  Thank you for sharing the link and letting others know about this awesome opportunity! For more info on the Memorial see the website:  Thank you for being involved with BUILDING the National Desert Storm War Memorial! 

A GREAT Start!

Published: Aug 05 2016 · 0 Comments
Our Fundraiser made $175.00 in the 1st Day! We are off to a GREAT start!! Try the Schwan's Soft Pretzels [Gourmet Twist Pretzels]...they are delicious & healthy!  

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