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There are still 84 days left to place an order through Schwans.com and a portion of the sales will come back in support of our Homeless Angels Hotel Program campaign! If you can't afford to contribute in any other way to HELP SAVE MAGGIE, this is a good way to help. It will also provide you with some delicious and easily packaged food. Please consider making a purchase and help the many homeless and less fortunate who need the Homeless Hotel a.k.a "Maggie".

The Homeless Angels is a non-profit organization whose goal is that of raising awareness of homelessness and restoring faith in humanity one change at a time. We help the homeless as well as those who are less fortunate and need a hand up. Our primary long term goal is to raise money, through programs like Schwans, to buy the Magnuson Hotel, where we have provided 100’s of nights in temporary housing for homeless men, women and children keeping them safe and out of the inclement weather. Many of these are women with children and our very own American heroes – the veterans who fearlessly served our country. We are able to provide this housing at our “homeless hotel”, through the use of social media. People from all over the world have called and donated $28 for a room credit. This allows us to provide emergency housing for the homeless until they are able to get into a shelter or permanent housing.

Since our inception, we have used social media as a means of receiving donations and volunteers. Our accomplishments to date are as follow:

Operating expenses. Our program is run strictly by volunteers, NO ONE receives a salary. We still having operating expenses of office supplies, web site, insurance, phone, accounting services, etc.

Handout over 500 lunches to the hungry. In some cases this might have been their only meal of the day.

Hold several “FREE” Street Stores where 100’s of people in need were able to get clothing, shoes and personal items at no charge. Seeing the joy on the face of the person who has literally walked the soles of their shoes to be able to replace them with a “new” pair to keep their feet warm and dry, priceless.

Provided Christmas dinner to those who would have had none.

Make sure that over 250 area children had Christmas presents under the tree, who otherwise would have not experienced the magic of Christmas.

Help families into permanent housing, receive medical benefits and find jobs.

Host several Sunday dinners for those in temporary housing ensuring a hot meal.

Held free laundry days where anyone from the community in need could come and wash their clothes at a local laundry mat. The feeling of seeing a man wash one set of clothes he brought in a backpack, then goes into the bathroom to change, to wash what he had on. All he owns was now clean.

Supply backpacks and school supplies to children in need.

Help furnish homeless children with new clothes and shoes to start the school year.

The list goes on. None of this could have been done without our generous donors, dedicated volunteers and the endless amount community support. But, our job is not done. There are still too many homeless and at risk of homelessness. We live in the greatest, most prosperous country in the world. We cannot allow our fellow man, woman or child to live on the streets, sleep on a park bench or under a bridge, wonder where their next meal is coming from, or to dig out of a trash can for food or clothing.

Please help us help them. Help us continue doing all of those things listed above and more! With your donated funds you allow us to:

Stock our pantry that provides food and hygiene items for those in need

Purchase items for blessing bags. Blessing bags are passed out on street walks to the homeless that contain: shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, a snack, lotion, chapstick, rain poncho, etc.

Purchase of bus tokens. These are given to help clients to help get back and forth to DHS, job interviews, to shelters and housing searches.

With giving donors, hard-working volunteers and God on our side, everything is possible.

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