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Remember your childhood? Sleepovers with friends and grandparents, birthday parties,
sports, boy scouts, girl scouts, vacations with family? Imagine that all being traded in for frequent doctor appointments, hospitalizations, painful procedures, medicine that makes you sick and your hair fall out, spending your life in a wheelchair never feeling the freedom of running or climbing a tree. Being looked and stared at by people when you out in public because of having no hair, or having to wear a mask over your mouth or being in a wheelchair. The feeling of not being able to go to school, parties, friends houses, sleep overs, swimming in public pools or even have friends come visit you for fear they could give you something that could make you sicker isn’t what childhood is supposed to be.

This is the world of many of our kiddos. From the day of their diagnosis, their world has been torn upside down and a part of their childhood has been taken from them. Magical Memories strives to make magical moments and forever memories in the lives of these children and their families, especially in the instant when one of these children looses their fight to their illness.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization setting out to make a difference in the lives of local children in our community faced with life threatening and terminal illnesses. Our goal is to make magical moments for these children that turn into forever memories for all involved especially in the instance one of these children looses their fight to their illness. Our main mission is an annual holiday extravaganza where these children can put their illness behind them for a moment in time to just “be a kid”. It doesn't matter if they are in a wheel chair or have no hair, because there are others there that share similar circumstances. Our goal is to make a magical moment that turns into a forever memory. By donating to our cause and supporting our fundraisers you are helping make these moments and memories come true. Thank You for your support


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