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We are the Record Busters 4H Club from Owatonna, MN, which is a part of the Steele County 4H Program run by the University of Minnesota. 4-H clubs are groups of youth who meet regularly to work on 4-H projects, perform community service, develop leadership skills and learn to work together. Guided by one or more adult volunteers, a club can be any size, from a small group of neighborhood kids to a large group from a school or county. Our club is small, only 9 members. We live from all over the Steele County area.

We would like to raise money for club activities, community service projects and Club Fair Projects.

Our club participates in Shop with Santa, which is a County wide project to sell inexpensive, hand-made items for local children for Christmas. Each member makes 10 items to donate for this project. On the first Saturday in December, any child that is in 6th grade or lower can come and shop with a 4H member and the gifts are wrapped before the child leaves. Gifts range from 25 cents to $10 so there is something for everyone.

We also spend one meeting a year making a meal for a local temporary home for people who are transitioning through homelessness.

We would also like to do a community service proejct for local nursing homes, based on 4H Fair Project one of our members did.

Our club can also participate in projects at the County Fair, such as a club scrapbook, making a banner promoting 4H and our club or putting together flower and plant displays.

The funds would be needed as soon as possible as our 4H year started on October 1. We do ask for a small amount of dues from each member to help offset these costs, but due to our small size it doesn't amount to much.

4H has such a big impact on kids. It teaches them many skills that they will need as adults, especially leadership, responsibility and community service as well as learning about themselves and the world around them. But its also fun too.

Our club would be very grateful for any help with our financial needs.


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