White Bear U9 Dufresne Girls Soccer

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U9 Dufresne Schwans Cares Fundraiser- last call for 5%!

Published: Jan 28 2016 · 0 Comments
Hi team,Our fundraiser is set to complete on February 4th, 2016.  Until then, we still have the chance to earn $ for our team.  We raised $290 in the first part of the fundraiser and have another $30 waiting for us in this phase.  For example, our family's last order of $95 raised another $4.50.Thanks for your help making an impact! Every little bit counts and you've made it possible for us to offset the cost for our girls to play a spring league:)

U9 Dufresne Schwans Cares- 60 days left for the 5% on purchases

Published: Dec 06 2015 · 0 Comments
Hi team,I know it's a busy time of year and we're thru with the 20% part of the Schwans-Cares fundraiser.  However, in case you may have forgotten, we're still able to get 5% of purchases credited to our team.  I wasn't sure if you were aware.... Read more

5 hours left to get 20% towards our campaign!!!

Published: Nov 06 2015 · 0 Comments
Hi guys,This is a reminder that we have 5 hours left to get the full 20% fundraising benefit off of groceries thru Schwans-Cares.  After tonight, we will continue to raise annuities but the maximum donation value ends today.  Thanks for everyone's help who participated.  We have raised $285 thru today.  AMAZING!

Schwans-Cares Update- 4 days to go!

Published: Nov 02 2015 · 0 Comments
Hi guys,We should all be proud of our supporters and team members.  We have raised $260 as of today and there are 4 days to go.  I'm going to purchase some gift cards today for Christmas gifts (wink) and if you have any grocery shopping to accomplish in the next few weeks, keep our timeline in mind.  You are amazing- we've essentially paid for a tournament next summer for the girls if you want to put this $ amount around something tangible.  

Schwans-Cares Update- 12 Days to go! Excellent Job:)

Published: Oct 25 2015 · 0 Comments
Hi team,We have 12 days to go and have raised $216.  Way to go, team!!  This is excellent news and we have made some serious head-way in the last two weeks.  This is certainly going to create an opportunity for the team this spring/summer and I speak for the team... Read more

24 days left for Schwans-Cares.

Published: Oct 13 2015 · 0 Comments
Hi guys,It was great seeing many of you at the game on Saturday afternoon.  What a beautiful fall!  We're nearly done with the season and while soccer is still on your minds, I wanted to make sure you know what's happening with our Fundraising campaign.  We've raised $78 and we still... Read more

Reminder- Schwans-Cares for U9 Lightning Bolts

Published: Oct 01 2015 · 0 Comments
Hi guys!  I just wanted to remind team parents that we have 36 days left to secure the largest donations for gift cards and groceries. Also, be sure to encourage the gift card as we get $10 on every $25 card.  I used it on my groceries and got the double-whammy.  We... Read more

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